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Take a walk in the cobblestone streets, pass over bridges, through gates and archways and take a chance to visit
the Grand Master Palace, the Archaeological Museum, the Art Gallery Museum

Rhodes Gastronomy

While wandering around the narrow cobblestone streets of the Medieval Town admiring the history and the medieval aura of the City, you can enjoy your meal from fresh local products, you will taste a fresh fish in the small traditional taverns while you survey the harbor. Everywhere around there is a smell of sesame from

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Rhodes Island


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Sites to visit in the Medieval Town

The most important site to visit and just 10 steps from our hotel is the Grand Master’s Palace: According to recent study, in the exact spot in which the palace exists today, there were the foundations of the ancient temple of the Sun-god ‘Helios’ and probably that was the spot where Colossus of Rhodes stood in the

Local Products

Local products and local cuisine gives a place an identity. The products of the island of Rhodes are unique products with special characteristics. Melekouni: The most famous and most common product of Rhodes is “melekouni” , a dessert that is traditionally offered in weddings. According to local tradition, the abundance of sesame seeds symbolizes fertility, while